Gujiya Recipe (Indian Festive Dessert)

1. Maida – ½ kg
2. Oil – four tbsp
three. Water – 185 ml
four. Elaichi (Cardamom) – 20 items
5. Semolina – ¼ Cup
6. Khoa(Dried complete milk) – 1¼ Cup
7. Ghee(Clarified butter) – three tbsp
Eight. Dry Fruits – 2 tbsp (as required)
9. Kesar(Saffron) – as per style
10. Sugar – 1¼ cup
11. Coconut Powder – 30 gm

Technique to organize the filling and dough
1. Roast 1¼ cup khoa individually for about three minutes. Maintain apart.
2. Roast ¼ cup sooji in three tbsp ghee until the combination takes a lightweight brownish coloration
three. Add 2 tbsp dry fruits to style
four. Grind 20 choti elaichi and add the powder into the combination
5. Add kesar as per style
6. Maintain roasting whereas compressing the combination often with the spatula in order that all the combination combines right into a single mass. Roast for five minutes.
7. Go away combination uncovered to air for a couple of day.
Eight. Combine in 1¼ cup sugar on the next day
9. As per style, you may also combine in 30 gm coconut powder/shredded coconut into the combo
10. Combine khoa into this to make the filling
11. Combine the moan, Maida and water to organize the dough. Maintain apart.

Technique to organize the gujiyas
1. Break the dough right into a form just like a peda. Press it between your arms to present it a uniform form.
2. Roll the dough items into circles of about three inch in diameter. Make Eight-10 such items and preserve apart.
three. Apply water on its edges.
four. Stick two reverse edges as proven within the image. Then preserve including the filling into this whereas closing the outer shell from the highest
5. As proven within the image give form to the outer edges together with your arms

Technique for frying the gujiyas
1. Warmth the oil at excessive flame for 3½ minutes
2. Shift flame to barely under medium to prep for frying the gujiyas
three. Put the gujiyas into the oil fastidiously to fry. Maintain turning often.
four. Take it out when it’s barely brownish in coloration

See picture recipe right here: VedSutra Easy Gujiya Recipe

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